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Dog's Health

 by ben on  |
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Health is the well being of an organism in all aspects of life. This means that an organism should have a fulfilling emotional, mental, and physical life. Just like any other organisms, also dogs need to have good health for them to lead a happy life.

Dogs are interesting pets in the house that should be protected in matters of health. Most countries in the world are coming up with boards that protect the health and treatment of pets. Regular check up and growth in the health of dogs is key in having a jovial dog as a pet.

Classes of Dogs in Terms of Health Requirements.

When dealing with dog's health, it is important to divide these dogs into classes. These classes are formulated using the following properties.

1. Life Stages. In life stages, the dogs are divide by considering their age. The ages of the dogs classify them into three categories, which are: puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs.

2. Dog's breeds. There are different breeds of dogs globally. Each breed of a dog has its treatment. Therefore understanding the breed of a dog well, will help in improving our health treatment towards the dogs.

Key Aspects of Dog's Health.

1. Dog's diet and nutrition. Foods given to a dog will determine its health outcome. A dog should be fed according to its daily activities, its energy requirements, its breed, and its genetic makeup. Special foods should be given to dogs that need an increase in a certain amount of nutrients in their bodies. Some foods such as fish oil when given to dogs can treat some illnesses from the dog's body such as itchy skin and hypersensitivity.

2. Dog's grooming. Proper grooming can help in differentiating between a happier dog and a miserable one. Correct trimming of a dog will keep it neat and remove the habitat of various microorganisms. Better grooming is done when a perfect groomer is chosen for your dog. Additionally, it is important to train your puppies to love grooming so that when they will be adult dogs, they may find trimming an interesting exercise.

3. Dog's behavior. A dog should be made to have a particular behavior. First of all the behavior must be a positive one. Negative behaviors such as biting should be discouraged. Once the dog has adapted to that one behavior, whenever the behavior changes, it will be easier to identify any problems that may have occurred to the dog.

4. Dog's health checkups. A dog should be taken to a veterinary clinic for regular checkups. Its though this regularly check-ups where some emerging disease can be identified. Once the disease is identified, the disease gets treated immediately, before it causes more harm to the dog.

5. Dog's environment. The environment surrounding the dogs may directly impact their health. Dogs should not be subjected to a noisy environment because this raises their heartbeat, which may result in several internal problems of the dog. Place of sleeping of the dog should also be kept clean all the time. This cleanliness helps the dog not to become infected by any bacteria whose genesis can start on the dirty sleeping area.


Studying the health of your dog is important. This study will help you notice any change in the dog whenever it's not in a good health condition. Additionally, it will help keep track of your dog's health condition.


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