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Allergic Shock in Dogs

 by ben on  |
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What Exactly Is An Allergic Shock?

Allergy shock is pretty common with pets that experience a reaction from certain type of allergens, resulting in this emergency condition. Some side effects that relate to this problem are diarrhea, drooling excessively, seizures, shocks, vomiting, and the worst conditions can lead to a coma or death.

Usually coma or death occurs if left untreated and not handled right away. What usually starts off, is the dog will have trouble breathing, difficulty urinating, along with trouble controlling their bowel movements.

This condition can happen to any type of dog, and is unpredictable because any type of dog can suffer from any type of substance that they become allergic to. If you notice this type of behavior in your dog, its best to handle this problem immediately to avoid any type of outcome for your dog that is exposed to the allergen at bay.

What Causes These Types Of Shocks?

There are several reasons that can cause an allergy shock to your pet. If your dog happens to get into substances that he/she can ingest that are considered poisonous such as household cleaning products, this can turn out deadly so its always best to keep away cleaning products that your dog tends to be curious about. Another more common issue are when dogs experience stings by insects, such as bees or wasps.

Certain foods that are ingested can also cause this symptom so its always best to give your dog the food that they would normally eat, and try to avoid feeding table scraps because you just never know if the food that you give them they can be allergic to. If you see this type of condition in your dog, its best to take them to a medical emergency room and have them hospitalized.

What Procedures Need To Be Considered

If this happens to your beloved dog, the first step if no medication is available, is to take your pet to the animal hospital. There, usually a veterinarian will provide a certain type of vaccine to help remove the allergen once they figure out what type of allergy is the cause. Sometimes, your pet may be on life support, to help open up your dogs airways so they can breathe properly.

During your pets hospital visit, they will be provided with fluids to help reduce your pets shock levels from the allergy and keep them hydrated. There is a certain type of drug called epinephrine that is a miracle prescription for your animal if their state of shock is extremely severe, and certain antihistamines are usually prescribed to help your dog in the future so this type of issue doesn't occur again. Most dogs need to stay in the hospital for at least 24-48 hours for monitoring.

Once you find out what caused this allergy shock, its best to keep your pet away from whatever issue they find so this doesn't occur again.


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